Did you know that by studying your feet and walking you can improve posture and eliminate pain?

Vital-Balance uses the most advanced technology in baropodometry for the studying of your feet and footprint. This technology determines any alterations of the joint and biomechanical functionality of the feet and at the same time the impact of such alterations in your posture.

The process is simple just take a few steps on a special surface that records the biomechanical behavior of your feet with very high precision. This study will make it easier to find the ideal treatment to solve and prevent knee, ankle, hip, leg, back and even neck pain, because any alteration of body structure is manifested in the distribution of pressure exerted on the plantar surface.

A clinician after reviewing your study may recommend the use of insoles.

Insoles are devices of clinical or sport use, between the foot and the footwear, its purpose is to correct or modify the footprint.

Their use should not be seen as exceptional, since when you begin to use them regularly, they not only correct deformities and bad postures, but may prevent them. Therefore, even if you have not suffered from pain, if you practice a sport, it is advisable to use them.

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