The main objective of the treatment by means of orthopedic insoles is to promote the correct formation of the plantar arch and that the feet work properly so that their walking is efficient, thus avoiding future problems.

Among the most common problems are:

  • Valgus legs (scissors).
  • Legs in varus.
  • Deformity of the foot.
  • Frequent falls and injuries.
  • Pain in the feet, ankle, knee or hip.

Benefits of using orthopedic insoles:

  • It helps the correct formation of the plantar arch.
  • Correct foot support during walking.
  • Stabilizes the foot and cushions the footprint properly.
  • Eliminates pain in feet, ankles, knees and hips.
  • Prevents sports injuries.
  • Provide tread compensation in the plantar vault area.

To begin, the patient will undergo a physical evaluation, then the patient will undergo a personalized baropodometry study consisting of 4 times:

  • Static analysis: it is performed through a platform of high pressure sensors, checking the weight loads while in a static position.
  • Dynamic analysis: consists of analyzing the weight loads during the walk where the patient will walk on the digital platform.
  • Body analysis photo: it consists of 8 photos in general, it is used to make a comprehensive assessment of posture in four views: anterior, posterior, lateral and contralateral in order to provide us with more information on the patient in case the patient presents any postural alteration.
  • Podoscopy: That allows to objectively evaluate the morphology, appearance and physical condition of the foot.

At the end of the study, the patient is shown a catalog with the different types of insoles that we handle and a suggestion is made according to the footwear that he normally uses.

The patient is also provided with a series of physiotherapeutic exercises to strengthen the muscles of the plantar arch and stretching it.

Study duration: 25 minutes

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