There is a common misunderstanding regarding strength and tonicity: strong is not equal to tonicity, you can have strong muscles but at the same time they can have high or even low tonicity. There is a widespread misconception about the importance of core muscle strength. It seems as if strength is the only relevant variable to achieve optimal physical condition.

It is a fitness program and a breathing technique that helps in the prevention as well as restoration of pelvic health is for who are seeking to not only restore their pelvic health but to train the true function of their core. Beyond the clinical setting is a tool for therapist could use to help post-natal women prevent and or recover from pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinence, prolapse). Your core is responsible for posture, circulation, respiration, maintaining continence (prevention of urinary & fecal incontinence), support for our internal organs (prevention of pelvic organ prolapse or hernia), sexual function, stability, digestion. etc,.

Approaches to pelvic health and core exercise, where the focus is given to one segment of the core at a time. Is a global approach to the functional tensegrity of the human body, the apnea and false inhale combined with specific postures decreases pressure, causing an automatic suction or decongestion of the pelvic cavity and recruits the deep muscles of the core.

The core helps to transfer the load of intra-abdominal pressure and body forces. When a link in the core chain is weak, the rest of the system will fail to function optimally. This is the case of many sportswomen who have high levels of general strength and fitness but a specific weakness in their core. One of the principal goals of core training is to locate and maintain a neutral spine position across exercises which will favor muscle co-activation and central muscular stability within the natural physiological limits of each person.

Progressive and regular core training will improve motor control and patterns of muscular recruitment. Core stabilization exercises designed to reduce lumbar back pain may also aim increase spinal strength and rigidity.

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