Prolonged hospitalization due to an acute trauma or exacerbation of a chronic condition is a serious risk factor in the decline of a patient’s functional independence. Recieving prompt and appropriate medical attention is vital to preventing complications such as deconditioning due to prolonged bed rest or pressure ulcers from immobility that further delay a patient’s recovery.


Vital-Balance is commited to preventing such complications and working to restore patients to their full functional capacity. Our team of therapists are able to provide Physical Therapy treatment up to 3 times per day for patients admitted to H+ hospital. In each session we focus on safely increasing physical activity in order to:

  • Increase or maintain muscle mass and strength
  • Decrease pain and inflammation
  • Encourage cardiovascular health and stability
  • Maintain normal bowel & bladder function
  • Prevent bed and pressure ulcers
  • Decrease risk of depression and anxiety
  • Ensure safety with activities of daily living
  • Facilitate return to prior level of functional independence

When necessary our physical therapists also use Deep Oscillation as well as Continuous Passive Motion devices to further accelerate patients’ recovery time. These devices are highly effective in reducing post opperative pain and inflammation, restoring mobility and facilitating a patients return to full functional independence.

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