Sprain/Strain- Injuries that involve ligaments(sprain) and/or muscles(strain) of the low back. This is an extremely common injury of the low back. Typically, the pain is on one side of the spine or the other(lateralized).


1) Trauma

Including but not limited to falls, car accidents and sports traumas.

2) Improper lifting form

Bending and rotating the low back instead of bending the knees to lift.

3) Sports injury

Typically related to improper form, weakness of certain muscle groups and bad flexibility related to other muscle groups.

Sports that require trunk rotation, like Tennis and Golf often lead to these injuries. The improper lifting form (weights, exercise or just everyday activities of lifting) and sports causes are based on repetition stress injuries that manifest after a long period, even though they seem sudden. Usually the process of the injury has been underway for a period of time.

This happens because during these physical activities the body incurs “micro injuries” to the muscles, ligaments, discs and joint capsules of the spine. These injuries develop scar tissue deposition in these tissues/structures and scar tissue deposition leads to improper mechanics, abnormal tissue function, loss of proper lumbar spine structure and degeneration. This sets the stage for a larger more consequential injury.

In all of these causes there will be an acute stage of pain and inflammation. Often this stage passes over the period of a few days or up to a few weeks, in extreme cases. This stage will recur over time, at intervals that become more frequent, severe and of longer duration gradually over years. Because of the gradual/insidious nature of this process people “get used” to having a low back “that goes out sometimes”. This means that now there is a chronic condition.

Even though people will say often “this is just normal for me, I have a bad low back”, it is NOT normal or inevitable. There are spinal rehabilitation therapy options that will stop the progress of this condition and reduce the incidence, severity and duration of low back pain related to sprain/strain. The importance of this is obvious in terms of quality of life and disability combined with the importance of avoiding drug therapies that mask the problem (which are addictive and toxic to the liver) until the only option becomes invasive procedures, like surgery, that have worse long-term outcomes and are more costly financially.

Chiropractic Spinal Rehab focuses on mobilizing(adjusting)specific areas of the spine that are infiltrated with scar tissue, correcting posture and targeting specific areas of the low back with traction to restore proper spinal structure. Only by restoring proper spinal structure can you stop further degeneration of the spine. The restoration of proper spinal structure along with specific strengthening exercises stabilizes the condition long-term. Once this has been achieved the patient is given a spinal orthotic, exercises/stretches and guidance about proper movement patterns so that they can maintain themselves and their proper spinal structure.

This spinal stabilizing and restructuring process is what we specialize in at Vital-Balance. We have all of the specific equipment, extensive education and experience to achieve this restructuring/balancing of the spine. Indeed, the name “Vital-Balance” comes from restoring proper structure/balance to the spine which is Vital to spinal health.

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