Diabetic foot appears when there are inadequate levels of glucose in the blood or other factors that frequently occur in these patients such as:

  • Arterial hypertension
  • Hypercholesterolemia

This causes damage to the blood vessels and nerves that can cause medium to long-term complications.


  • Tingling and cramps.
  • Absence of sensitivity.
  • Appearance of ulcers on the sole of the foot.

Due to the poor circulation of the foot, ulcers are formed, where most of these wounds are due to decreased sensitivity and arise on the sole of the foot or areas near the bones such as the knuckles of the fingers.

Use of orthopedic insole to treat diabetic foot.

  • A baropodometry study will provide us with knowledge about the excessive load points of these patients, which will allow us to design a specific insole that helps us to distribute the weight loads symmetrically and avoid ulcerations in different areas of the foot and precisely download those pressure points.
  • Also the insole offers foot comfort inside the shoe and additional postural protection.

It is important to follow up and monitor the patient, so it is necessary to carry out the baropodometry study every year to assess whether the hyperloads of weight have been modified and thus renew the templates with the new pressure points.

To prevent injuries, it is necessary to make a change of template at home 10-12 months due to wear of the material. 

Care and recommendations for diabetic foot.

  • In addition to using your insoles, it is necessary to have good hygiene and care for your feet, so we recommend some suggestions to keep your feet healthy.
  • Wash your feet daily with neutral soap and warm water, rubbing gently, covering all possible areas, then dry completely without leaving any area wet, preferably using a soft towel.
  • Make daily use of hypoallergenic moisturizing cream to keep skin hydrated.
  • It is necessary to check your feet every day, in case ulcers appear.
  • Do not walk with bare feet, to prevent hurting yourself.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.

Study duration 25 minutes.

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