Metatarsalgia is pain in the soles of the feet near the start of the toes that is accentuated by walking or running. Mechanical metatarsalgia due to overload is a frequent problem in the foot, being the metatarsal of the second toe the most affected, although more than one may be affected at the same time.

How does it originate?

At the front of the foot are five long bones called metatarsals where the phalanges meet to form the toes. One of these bones is thicker than the rest, which corresponds to the big toe, and where the famous “bunion” appears. The metatarsals are responsible for supporting the weight of the body to take off the foot from the ground, so they receive a lot of pressure when performing the step.

Most common causes:

  • Constant and repetitive pressure in the metatarsal area.
  • Incorrect way to step.
  • Inadequate footwear (high heel, pointed toe, low sole).
  • Overweight.
  • High impact exercises.

Treatment and recommendations:

  • Use of custom orthopedic insoles, which will allow us to eliminate the maximum pressure points at the time of walking, completely correcting the biomechanics of the foot, providing greater absorption of impact on the forefoot and at the same time providing greater comfort and possible comfort.
  • Use suitable footwear (low heel, thick sole and without compressing the forefoot area).
  • Lose weight large loads of weight on the foot.
  • Perform podiatry treatments to eliminate hardness and calluses.

Study duration 25 minutes


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