Paletofemoral syndrome or “runner’s knee” is a condition in which the cartilage under the kneecap is damaged due to injury or overuse and has to do with how your kneecap moves in the groove of the bone of the kneecap. thigh. This injury is more common in women than in men.



  • Pain under and around the kneecap.
  • Pain can worsen during physical activity.
  • The pain may remain when the person is sitting for a long period of time.
  • Skip.
  • Pain increases when going up or down stairs.

This condition can happen in one knee or both. It can last for weeks or months.



  • Trauma.
  • Muscle weakness (gluteus medius).
  • Shape in which the legs are aligned (“X” shape).
  • Overweight.
  • Repetitive movements.
Can patellofemoral pain syndrome be prevented or avoided?


Treatment with physical therapy.

One of the main causes of this pathology and very important is due to the weakness of the gluteus medius, as this is one of the main stabilizing muscles of the hip and pelvis, so much work will be done on this muscle.

  • Application of deep oscillation on the knee using a traumatic pain program to reduce pain and inflammation by completing 1 cycle of 20 minutes.
  • Application of cupping over the path of the iliotibial band combined with stretching to release muscle tension in that area and prevent it from putting stress on the patella, here you can alternate therapy with application of shock waves on the patellar tendon and menisci with low doses from 2.0-2.5 bars, 13 HZ, 3500 shots.
  • Exercises to strengthen the gluteus medius, starting with clams, bridges, squats, polymetric exercises and gradually increasing the intensity of the exercise with weight, resistance bands and complementary equipment (bosu, benches, etc.)
Orthopedic insoles to correct valgus knees (“X” shape).

What the orthopedic insole will try to correct is the way in which the patient is treading, trying to provide the patient with an adequate plantar arch so that the weight loads are distributed symmetrically, seeking to align all the muscular structures from the foot up to the hip.

  • Correct the morphology of the legs.
  • Decrease knee pain.
  • Help with the formation of the plantar arch.

Treatment duration 40 minutes.

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