Pre & Post Surgical Rehab

Before a surgical intervention, it is not enough to prepare mentally. Doing it physically is recommended for successful results.

At Vital-Balance we are experts in helping patients achieve faster recoveries and face fewer problems. That is why we help them before and after, strengthening their capacities.

We have experience in accelerated rehabilitation protocols that have proven to be more effective than traditional methods because they reduce recovery time after surgery.

Also, we can help maximize weakened abilities in people who lost some body segment, pursuing their independence and the optimal use of prostheses.


At Vital-Balance we are proud to be the first physiotherapy facility in the southern Baja to provide a full-service pre-surgical program to patients in the region. Pre-Habilitation is the cutting edge therapy that helps prepare the tissues that will addressed by a surgical procedure.


The physiotherapy services that Vital-Balance offers are focused on patients who are stable in a subacute state and their life is out of risk. Our goal is to prevent musculoskeletal, vascular and respiratory complications and speed up the recovery process.

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