At Vital-Balance we are proud to be the only clinic in B.C.S.

to offer Spinal Decompression

This is a non-invasive, highly effective therapy that has a proven record in spinal rehab clinical settings. It is especially effective at treating low back or neck disc issues, such as: bulges, protrusions and actual herniations. These injuries can cause symptoms such as numbness/tingling, pain or weakness into the shoulders, arms and hands if the neck is involved. In the low back they cause these same symptoms in the hips, legs and feet which people often refer to as “Sciatica”.

 These conditions rarely require surgical intervention if they are treated properly by utilizing this modality. It has above an 80% efficacy in these cases. It works by creating a vacuum effect in the disc itself, which draws water (which is what healthy discs contain) and healing factors into the disc. After repeating this treatment, over time, the discs heal efficiently and effectively.

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