One of our most effective and innovative modalities for pain relief is called Deep Oscillation. This device was developed by a German company called PHYSIOMED and is a patented form of non invasive therapy with proven therapeutic benefits. This treatment creates a small electrostatic field of energy between the patient and practitioner.

This field of energy is then manipulated by the therapist by means of attracting and releasing the tissue at a selected frequency to mobilize the tissue to create lasting therapeutic effects. This technology is being used internationally by a variety of medical practitioners as well professional athletes and Olympic teams. Deep Oscillation is FDA approved to improve muscle relaxation, increase circulation and reduce pain. Other benefits include:


  • Acceleration of Tissue Healing: Open Wounds, Surgical Incisions, Burns, Ulcers
  • Regeneration of Connective Tissue: Collagen and Elastin
  • Reduction of Scar Tissue Formation
  • Reduction of Edema (Inflammation)
  • Improvement in Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Faster Recovery Time Post Exercise
  • Accelerated Healing of Muscle Strains and Ligament Sprains
  • Pre and Post Natal Pain Relief: Low Back Pain


Shock Wave Therapy is based on an acoustic wave that transmits energy to the different muscular-skeletic that require treatment. The energy is generated by a projectile inside a wave gun that’s impulse by an air compressor at various frequencies that can be predetermined by the user.

It is regularly used in chronic conditions with the intention that the applied energy promotes the regeneration y healing of tendons, muscles and other soft tissues. Shockwave therapy solves conditions that by other means would require surgery like a calcaneal spur or shoulder calcifications.


• New formation of blood vessels
• Chronic inflamation
• Stimulation of collagen production
• Dissolution of calcified fibroblasts
• Dispersion of the pain mediator “substance P”


Multiple clinical applications due to electrical currents direct and indirect physiological effects on the tissues of the body by electrodes directly on the patients skin.

The clinician needs to consider the target tissue,nerve, and the desired response to determine the best outcomes.

The physiotherapist will use the different types of currents depending on the desired effect, the characteristics and type of tissue involved in the pathology to be treated.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic
  • Improvement of trophism
  • Neuro-muscular enhancement
  • Thermal, in the case of high frequency electrotherapy
  • Muscular strengthening


Is a dynamic standing and balance trainer. The feet, legs and pelvis can be secured together or individually in almost any position depending on the exercise goal. Can also be adjusted to suit the needs of severely and critically affected patients including those in a vegetative state.

Exercising when standing up makes breathing easier, stabilizes the circulation and stimulates the metabolism.

Thanks to its balance unit the dynamic trainer also enables those affected to maintain or improve their balance and mobility. Safe standing and good balance are the basis for walking and avoiding falls.

Training Objectives:

  • Strengthen muscles
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Gain and improve mobility
  • Activate the circulation and metabolism
  • Improved breathing
  • Improved sense of wellbeing


Invented by engineers, developed by therapists, and manufactured in Germany. This device has certifications for its high quality and durability. This device enables people with individual requirements to exercise their legs or upper body with or without motorized assistance – from their chair or wheelchair. It gently encourages mobility and has a positive effect on many other aspects of health.

Train your muscle power to suit your requirements with the aim of living an independent and active life.

Training Objectives:

  • Exercise muscular strength
  • Increase endurance
  • Maintain mobility
  • Stimulate bodily functions
  • Improve coordination
  • Improve posture
  • Improve cognitive abilities
  • Alleviate pain


  • Stroke
  • Paraplegia
  • Tetraplegia
  • Parkinson’s
  • Brain injuries
  • Muscular diseases
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Pre or Post-operative therapy
  • Symptoms associated with lack of movement


This very versatile rehabilitation tool, developed by rehabilitation professionals, offers an upper body exerciser and lower body recumbent bike in one for a total body solution.

Dependent motion allows stronger extremities to assist weaker ones, upper, lower or total body exercise for versalite rehab.


This device has a conical pulley that stores the energy that the patient generates in the concentric phase of the movement and the transformation of kinetic energy through the rotation of the same.

Training Objectives:

  • Controlled eccentric strengthening
  • Increased strength and synthesis of myofibrillar proteins
  • Prevention of muscle injuries
  • Protected strengthening
  • Functional training
  •  Training of the reactive force
  • Optimization in the recovery of the force after a period of inactivity
  • Instant training variables
  • Resistance in concentric phase that eccentric


Power Plate technology consists of a vibrating platform which moves up to 50 times per second, producing safe, consistent and controlled rythmic vibrations that are delivered throughout the body. This form of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) therapy is combined with exercise to:

  • improve muscle strength and activation
  • increase balance abilities
  • enhance cardiorespiratory fitness.

Power Plate is also used for rehabilitation of a variety of neurologically affected patients such as those diagnosed with cerebral palsy or who have experienced a stroke or traumatic brain injury. Its benefits include:

  • reduction of spasticity in hypertonic muscles
  • increased tone in flaccid muscle
  • improved motor control
  • improved gait and functional performance


Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) is a device used to restore normal movement of the knee immediately following a surgical procedure and up to 2-3 weeks following the operation. This machine provides regular movement of the knee within a specified range of motion without the patient needing to use their muscles to move their leg.

At Vital Balance our therapists work hand in hand with the Orthopedic Surgeons at H+ Hospital, utilizing the CPM during and following the patients hospitalization from a surgical procedure. The use of this device in the beginning stages of the rehabilitation process not only ensures that normal movement is restored to the knee, but also helps to improve circulation, decrease pain and reduce scar tissue formation.


The practice of Cupping Therapy dates back thousands of years and continues to be a common practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine today. Cupping Therapy continues to be used to treat a broad range of medical conditions and has therefore made its way into the realm of modern western medicine.  It has become a popular and highly sought after treatment as more and more individuals are looking for natural alternatives to medication to treat their condition or resolve their pain symptoms.

At Vital Balance, our therapists use dry cupping with suction as opposed to the traditional glass cupping with fire. Both are equally effective in achieving the desired results. First, the therapist begins by applying a cup to the skin and then removing the air to create negative pressure or a vacuum effect inside the cup. The therapist then chooses to implement one or more of a variety of techniques using one or several cups. These techniques are aimed at mobilizing the targeted tissue in order to provide a multitude of benefits to the patient. These benefits include:

  • myofascial release
  • increased circulation
  • breakdown of scar tissue
  • removal of wastes (toxins and byproducts of cellular metabolism)
  • decreased pain
  • improved mobility


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is a technique that originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine called Gua Sha. Our therapists use these uniquely designed stainless steel tools to treat a variety of conditions. These instruments work by being applied to the treatment area using various stroking techniques in order stimulate fibroblast production and enhance the natural fiber alignment of connective tissue and muscle. Fibroblasts are the cells responsible for forming new collagen and connective tissue in the body.

When there is an injury to the body, whether an acute trauma or chronic pain, the body begins to lay down irregular connective tissue to stabilize or protect the affected area. These regions of irregularity are commonly referred to as scar tissue, adhesions and trigger points. In this way the practicioner is able to remove adhesions or irregularities in these tissues and essentially convert scar tissue into functional tissue.

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