Personalized treatment whose main objectives are to decrease inflammation, pain and restore normal foot mobility.

  • For the first stages, deep oscillation will be applied to the plantar fascia with the “ligament distension” program, completing 15 minutes of the program in order to reduce pain and inflammation in the area.
  • Application of electro stimulation with interferential current modulated at 2000 HZ, spectrum from 45 to 50 HZ and wave amplitude of 90 HZ, accompanied by CHC for 15 minutes to reduce swelling and analgesic pain.
  • Kinesiotape applications.
  • Baropodometry study, whose main objective is to analyze the load distribution and weight pressures on the foot in a static way and during the gait cycle, and by means of which a personalized template was designed in order to correct biomechanics of the foot.
  • The physiotherapeutic treatment consists of 30 minutes and the baropodometric study, 15 minutes.
Duration of treatment in general 45 min.

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